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Websites for tradespeople

Is this you?

  • You have an email address that ends in hotmail.com, btinternet.com ntlworld.com or similar
  • You have a van with signage but no website address
  • You have an advertising board with a mobile number on that never gets answered
  • You have business cards with a website address that either doesn’t go anywhere, is incomplete (and has been for years) or you are so ashamed of it you hope nobody ever looks at it.
  • You are spending your hard earned money on advertising that generates very few leads.

In the not so distant past when somebody required a tradesperson they looked in  a popular yellow coloured directory.  The directory was so big it had to be left on your doorstep as it wouldn’t fit through your letterbox.  This is no longer the case.  When people require a tradesperson now they search the internet, usually on Google.  They will view the first websites on the list and call the ones they like best. It is our job to make sure it’s our clients who get called.

We love working with tradespeople as we can see that they really can benefit from having a new website to help them grow their business.  Please call 01223 755 667 or email hello@cambridgewebsolutions.co.uk  for a free, no obligation chat on how we can help you.

Cambridge web design company testimonials

“Adam listened to my requirements at our first meeting and very quickly grasped what I was looking for, built a great, looking professional web site which it is easy for a novice like me to update and to add my own blogs.
Adam has also proved himself to be an expert in SEO so that my web site is visible to all my potential clients who may be searching the internet for a business advisor. My web site has excellent results coming on the first page of all relevent search engines.”

—  Alan Todd, Cambridge Business Advisors

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