“Love” This Post?

Posted by Adam Lord

Yesterday, Facebook rolled out it’s newest take on the age old upvote/downvote system. The idea that you can rate something on the internet that your friends have shared has been around for years. This however, could be the newest lazy way to express your delight at a colleagues drunken photo. With five new emotions to convey, anybody can tell their friends how disgusted they are at the price of a cream soda.

The news first broke that Facebook would be releasing reactions all the way back in October of last year. This was widely met with surprise that Facebook had actually listened to the endless bug reports which users had been utilising in order to ask for this feature to be added. Yes, you asked and Facebook listened.

This new feature also comes with a whole host of new algorithms to help spice up your news feed, not that it hasn’t been changed according to what you’ve liked already. When something pops up on your newsfeed, you should be thinking to yourself “If I love this rather than like it, I’ll be seeing alot more of this in my feed”. Careful consideration is always encouraged on the internet but its still your fault that rude jokes appear on your feed while you’re at work!

The feature was beta tested back in October after plans to roll out something which resembled a dislike button was speculated to be in development after an increase in interest, however it seems Mark Zuckerberg still isn’t intent on giving Facebook users exactly what they want. We think this is another way for Facebook to gather, quite scarily specific, data which could lead to many controversies down the line. This is a matter for another post however, we’ll revisit this topic in a few months time.

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