Online safety series (Part 2)

Posted by Adam Lord


Yes, always back things up. You have no idea when your next power outage may be or when your trusty laptop may finally die on you. The best way to stay safe, is to keep your data backed up.

There are many different ways to keep your files safe. One of these is via physical copies. This could be as simple as printing pages and printed photographs. This method may take up a lot of space (not to mention paper) if you’re backing up an entire hard drive, but you only need to print exactly what you need. You aren’t going to lose a piece of paper by re naming it.

Another way of keeping your files backed up is by keeping them on portable flash drives and hard drives. Something as small as a SD card can hold up to 512GB. That’s a lot of data if you’re backing up word documents and photographs. SD cards are quite small and easy to lose however, so maybe you’re better off with a portable flash drive which plugs into your computer’s USB port. With the introduction of USB 3.0, data transfers have never been quicker. You can buy a USB stick from any major supermarket or electronics store.

Services like iCloud and Dropbox allow you to keep a backup without taking up any physical space on your hard drive. They store your files on the internet which only you have access to. You can upgrade the amount you can store by buying packages which allow for faster connections and more storage space. This way isn’t as secure as both hard drives and printing, but still it does the job as you’d expect it to.

Still not convinced about keeping backups?

Check back next week for ways to keep your files safe using encryption.


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